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Competition in the e-commerce market is fierce. Comparison websites make it easy for the consumer to compare the offers of different retailers and select the one that matches their individual needs best. This solution enables you to optimize revenue and margins by optimizing your position on comparison websites and to make your consumers a competitive offer. Predict your market position versus competitors and take other factors like availability, ratings and delivery times into account, and be empowered to set your product prices with maximized revenue given a positive margin.

market position

Predicts your market position versus your competitors

Business results

  • Increase revenue­ via comparison websites up to 28%
  • Increase website visits­ via comparison websites up to 38%
  • Increase website traffic­ up to 18%
  • Better insight­ in expected sales

Consumer results

  • Always *competitive offers* Always competitive offers


Dynamically outsmart competition

Obtaining the optimal position on comparison websites is of high importance to generate website traffic. We predict your market position for every price point and optimize your pricing to optimize your business goals.

Consumers react differently to price changes for different products. Insights in the price-elasticity for every product enables you to adjust prices just as much as needed. Set the perfect price, take into account business KPIs and optimize your market position.

Price is an important driver for sales, but there are more factors that the customer takes into account in the decision making process. Delivery times, availability and reviews influence their decisions. Take these factors into account and optimize your market position according to your business goals.


                    PREDICT DEMAND
                    Prevent your webshop from being neglected because                      of out-of-stocks. Based on the optimal price-point for                        each selected product, demand can be predicted                             accordingly. Avoid surprises at your distribution                                  centers and keep your customers satisfied. 

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