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Building Blocks has been a Sitecore partner since 2013 and achieved Gold Implementation status within the first year. Whether you need a new implementation and migration from your existing CMS, or are looking to upgrade to Sitecore 8, we can help.

Our Sitecore-certified developers in the UK, US and Spain have experience of helping global organisations maximise the functionality of Sitecore’s leading content management system, such as its multilingual capabilities, automated marketing, multivariate testing and personalisation.

Building Blocks’ Experience Design team are specialists in designing mobile responsive, component-based sites with Sitecore personalisation in mind. Teamed with our technical architecture and integration capabilities, we can develop a Sitecore solution which will sit at the heart of your business, and enable you to deliver customer experience improvements to improve your conversion, retention and, ultimately, the ROI of your digital investment.

Simplifying the Extraordinary with Sitecore 8

As a marketer, how do you spend the majority of your time? Managing campaigns that drive lead generation and engagement? Driving the optimisation of your digital touchpoints?  

Well, according to recent research by the Digital Analytics Association, marketers spend over 50% of their time capturing data. Fifty percent!  21 – 30% is spent on reporting and forecasting, leaving managing campaigns, site optimisation and managing analytical business culture with less than 10% of time each.

Does that sound familiar? Do you spend more than half of your time, frustratingly capturing and analysing data to inform the 10% of your time spent on campaigns? Imagine what could be achieved if that 50% was reduced to 25%, or even less.

Enter Sitecore 8.

Sitecore is one of the global leaders in customer experience management software, and its set the bar even higher with this latest version of its Experience Platform .

Sitecore 8 will help marketers untangle themselves from time consuming data capture, and enable them to embrace the art of marketing once more.

Experience everywhere
Sitecore 8 enables you to understand the entire experience your customers are having with your organisation, at every single touchpoint.

Experience data can be collected from not only the Sitecore system, but from your other customer-facing platforms (e.g. ERP, CRM, Customer Service), and even non-Sitecore websites.  All data is stored in the Sitecore Experience Database, creating a single view data hub.

Automated testing and optimisation
Testing happens automatically with Sitecore 8. Imagine the time you'd save if you never had to set anything up, run or monitor your testing, ever again.

The system will recommend the best content, segments to target and paths to conversion. It’ll even automatically write the rules to optimise the learnings (you can, of course, also set your own rules and segment the tests based on your personas).  All you need to do is review and select, and then leave the system to auto-deploy.

Customisable for your business
Sitecore 8 is not an ‘out of the box’ solution. It can be fully customised to suit how your business operates, and how your customers choose to interact with you.

The right insight at the right time
Sitecore analytics doesn’t just rely on past behaviour. It can inform your daily marketing descisions by telling you what’s working, what’s not and what you should try, based on real-time data.

This is all displayed on a slick interface that is fast, clean and brings all your data, dashboards and control into one place.

Audience segmentation
Sitecore 8 allows dynamic segmentation of audiences based on demographics and any other information from the Experience Profile. Segments are directly usable with Sitecore’s automation and email marketing capabilities.

Our opinion
Needless to say, we're extremely excited about this latest version of Sitecore's Experience Platform. We think it's a superb choice for organisations wanting to deliver excellent customer experience.

Its data capture and analytic capabilities will help drive real-time, customer insight, enabling marketers to react quickly and effectively to what their customers need and want.

Building Blocks are Sitecore partners, and specialise in delivering complex and large-scale rollouts. We can help you devise your digital strategy, based on your business objectives, and develop a solution that is right for you.

Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1

Sitecore has laid the foundations of its commerce product strategy with the recently launched Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1. Optimised for enterprise and upper mid-market B2C/B2B customers, Sitecore Commerce is ideally for organisations who do not have advanced contract management requirements.

With an initial focus on pricing, promotions and order management, the platform is fully extensible and customisable, and can be adapted to unique scenarios and business processes. Future releases will see catalogue, inventory and profile management brought into the new architecture.

Sitecore Commerce builds upon the merchandising, search personalisation and automation capabilities of previous offerings, with newly added and updated features including:

  • Full lifecycle Order Management, including the ability to edit/change orders or make returns.

  • Price Books which allow you to generate multi-currency price lists based upon business rules.

  • Entitlements which provide the ability to track the notion that a customer is entitled to something for a specific period. This includes scenarios such as warranties, loyalty program status, software subscriptions, etc.

  • New Promotions capabilities offering a comprehensive roster of both item and order-level promotions, as well as full coupon code management capabilities.

  • Compliance archiving- all history is automatically archived for pricing and promotions to easily reconstruct the price a customer would have paid at any given circumstance.

  • An updated Reference Storefront with a new, electronics-based product catalogue, showing how all of the various new capabilities can be used together.

Sitecore Commerce brings together a fully unified experience for business users inside of Sitecore. Firstly, the existing Merchandising Manager application has received significant updates to leverage all of the new commerce capabilities.

This application provides a comprehensive toolset for customer service personnel to find and manage orders and user profiles on behalf of customers. The new Pricing and Promotions Manager application enables marketers and merchandisers to quickly access new pricing, promotions management and auditing capabilities, all without leaving Sitecore.

Platform Architecture

Built entirely in ASP.NET Core, Sitecore 8.2.1 uses next-generation micro-services architecture, which will also potentially be utilised for future versions of the Sitecore® Experience Platform™. The architecture was designed and built first for Azure PaaS, with ARM and Azure Marketplace availability expected shortly.

Based upon an an oData RESTful Web Service, it enables seamless a data exchange with a range of tools that understand oData.  

The new platform utilises Semantic Versioning and public Nuget feeds, providing Sitecore with the ability to efficiently make fixes and add functionality without the danger of API breaking changes.

Sitecore is set to focus strongly on its Commerce solution in 2017 with incremental updated and enhancements planned throughout.

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