Intern Capacity & Planning

Start date: Feb '21 or later | Location: Tilburg | Experience: Student

Looking for a challenging internship related to capacity and planning?

As an intern within Building Blocks, you will become part of our energetic and ambitious team. You will get the chance to put your academic knowledge regarding capacity and planning into practice, whilst simultaneously gaining valuable business experience!

This is your dream internship when..

▪  You are motivated to improve and optimize our daily capacity planning (so all our teams can perform to their best ability!);
▪  You get excited when you are able to create the perfect fit between our capacity and our project workload;
▪  You see ever-changing project timelines and low-fill rates as interesting challenges to overcome;
▪  You are not afraid of taking responsibility and making decisions;
▪  You want to actually become part of our team, where you will be recognized as a valued colleague (instead of being ‘the intern who gets the coffee..’);
▪  Excel has no secrets for you, and you love to develop your skills even more;
▪  You currently reside in the Netherlands;

From our experience, students currently pursuing a University/Higher Educational program in Industrial Engineering (and Management), Operations Research, Business Administration or any related studies were often a good fit. Research questions could for example be:

  1. How to optimally allocate people to projects so our occupancy rate is highest, and we have the right people at the right projects?
  2. How to put projects on a timeline and thereby use our capacity as efficiently as possible (so we can complete as many projects possible)?

This is what you can expect from us..

We will facilitate a vibrant and energetic working environment where you won’t be taken for granted! Of course, you will be rewarded for your hard work and dedication by receiving an internship allowance, but we will also offer you a range of other benefits! Needless to say, we will offer you an epic and challenging internship at the coolest company. You will become one of our valued team members, and be involved with many aspects of our organization (think of commerce, innovation, or strategy). Furthermore, you will get flexible arrangements concerning when and where to work, which includes (partially) working from home if the situation around COVID-19 requires so. Lastly, we love celebrating our successes together, so be prepared to join some epic team activities during your internship!

But that’s not all

At Building Blocks you will be in control. Meaning that you have the freedom to design your own job and get it done in your own way! We offer a unique work environment in which we continuously focus on further developing your skills, so you can achieve great results every day. Moreover, you will experience that having fun and celebrating our achievements together is what boosts our team spirit.

About us

We are a team of ambitious people, with a passion for data science. By providing our clients with accurate consumer predictions, we enable them to become more customer centric and enhance their business results. We love to come up with innovative and out-of-the box solutions that translate data into concrete actions. In this way we empower companies to give their consumers the personalized offers and services they desire.

Ready to make impact?

You can apply by uploading your CV and motivation. We will contact you within a week and invite you for a cup of coffee if there is a match.

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