Develop your skills

As a professional you have the desire to keep learning and to keep developing your skills. We stimulate your development by multiple programs. Of course, you will be surrounded by smart and ambitious colleagues that challenge you every day and will encourage your personal development! 

What we offer to make you grow!


You will be introduced to your buddy who guides you through your first months at Building Blocks. Get to know your colleagues and our company!

  •  Helps you to *integrate in the team*  Helps you to integrate in the team
  • *A mentor* to lean on  A mentor­ to lean on 
  • Helps you *choose your favourite team* Helps you choose your favourite team


Your onboarding starts the first day you set foot in our office. We will get you up to speed by our Master The Basics and Master Your Role program.

  • A detailed map to *guide you through your first months* A detailed map to guide you through your first months
  • Get to know our *systems and our culture* Get to know our systems and our culture
  • Learn about *your role's main pillars * Learn about your role's main pillars

Feedback CYCLE

Your development will be stimulated by our performance program. Continuous feedback for and from your colleagues shorten your learning cycles.

  • Feedback by your *handpicked 360 group*  Feedback by your handpicked 360 group­ 
  • Monthly feedback accelerates your *learning curve* Monthly feedback accelerates your learning curve
  • Be the *architect of your own development* Be the architect of your own development