You have the freedom to design your own job and get it done in your own way. You have the flexibility to work time and place independently, choose your own projects and your own focus activities. We strongly believe that giving freedom and responsibility gets the most out of your potential.


Time and place independent
Get involved in what you like
Broaden your skillset

Everyone gets the opportunity to contribute to our fast growing company by participating in one of our internal teams like commerce, team, deliver or innovation!

Do you want to become commercially savvy? Do you like to think in organizational processes? Or are you that party animal that likes to contribute to the organization of our epic parties? Choose your favorite team and broaden your skill set!

Innovation is cool, but it becomes epic when it comes to life in real business settings. As a thought leader in data science it is important that we bring our solutions to life! Convince the world about our added value, think along with our clients and guide them through their personal data science roadmap. 

Be the one that inspires others and revolutionize the current retail and insurance landscapes! Do you like to spot opportunities for specific clients and are you the one that is capable of translating complex data science solutions into tangible assets? Then we have plenty of opportunities for you.

When you are as proud and excited to be part of the Building Blocks Team as we are – 99.9% chance, with our prediction capabilities we should know - and you would like to contribute to maintain our winning team. Then you can help us recruit our future colleagues by sharing your enthusiasm and pride during external events or interviews.

But that’s not all, you can also organize our epic team activities, improve our development program or make sure the office is the best place to work!

What we build today is not good enough tomorrow. The data science market is evolving fast and we are always innovating to exploit its newest possibilities for our clients.

Do you have a passion for research and development and would you like to be involved in the innovation of our data science solutions, blocks and platform? At Building Blocks, there are plenty of opportunities to apply - and further develop  - the current state-of-the-art data science technology.

It's great to work with fellow master minds and to predict what will happen using data, but it only adds value when it's up and running for our clients. This is not only a matter of coding, but a process of listening, planning, creating and delivering. To achieve this, a project team with the optimal set of skills is formed that can approach and tackle all problems and opportunities within a project.

Within Team Deliver, you provide the data science team with guidelines and tools to make their day as efficient as possible. You ensure that every project starts with a concrete plan and will be executed in the most efficient and effective way. It takes all of us to make it work!